Why?, how? and how much?

Why turn to an osteopath?

Rachel Boisclair OstéopatheI treat various types of patients including a great number of athletes, pregnant women or who just gave birth, babies (with various problems) and people in rehabilitation after an accident or dealing with chronic pain. Some patients come in for a specific problem after an accident and other are seeking preventive treatments.

  • Osteopathy is recognised for its ability to treat musculoskeletal pains and problems:
    • Acute: sprains, fractures and sport injuries
    • Chronic: herniated disks, scoliosis, cervical pain, upper or lower back pain, joint pain, tendinitis, sole fasciitis, Lenoirs thorn, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, cephalgia, vertigo, dizziness, etc
  • Osteopathy can also help relieve symptoms from different systems of the organism:
    • Digestive problems: bloating, constipation, chronic diarrhea, nausea, acid reflux
    • Respiratory problems: asthma, recurrent bronchitis or pneumonia, repeated infections
    • Genitourinary disorders: cystitis, dysmenorrhoea (menstrual cramps), gynecological dysfunctions
    • Other problems: otitis media, tinnitus, sinusitis, circulatory problems, fatigue, stress, anxiety, etc.

The course of a treatment

Rachel Boisclair OstéopatheAt the first treatment session, a complete health assessment is done. The health questionnaire (medical condition, medical history, injuries) and the physical assessment (posture, visceral or cranial deficiencies and local and global mobility) provide the information needed to develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient. The actual treatment consists in gentle, precise and safe manual techniques.


Appointment less than 5 years old : 80.00 $ taxes included.
Appointment 5 years and over : 90.00 $ taxes included.
Insurance receipts for osteopathic treatments are issued and accepted by most insurance companies (please note that some insurance companies require a medical prescription in order to reimburse the treatment). Each treatment session lasts approximately 60 minutes.